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Latest Product review:

Pyramid Levitator



The Pyramid Levitator kit is for ages 18 and up.  It uses two mini ultrasonic piezo transducers (speakers) to produce identical 40khz sound waves pointing towards each other. This causes interference or areas of high air 

pressure and areas of low air pressure.  Places in between high and low pressure will experience constant upward force (greater than gravity's force), which is the key to performing acoustic levitation.

Pinorama - 35mm Camera


The 3D printed Pinorama 100!

A panoramic 35mm film camera with a precision drilled .2mm pinhole lens.

The maximum panoramic picture size is 22mm x 48mm.

We've seen lots of pinhole cameras out there, but most lacked the needed features or options to make taking pinhole pictures easy and successful.

The Pinorama 100 includes:

1. Shutter Speed Selector
2. Shutter Lock
3. Viewfinder
4. Timer
5. Film rollback lock
6. Slow Flash
7. Instruction manual
8. Tripod - see the second picture

Any Given Sunday!



The Ultimate Football Board Game

* On offense you can choose from 32 NFL Pro Team schemes and 100’s of plays!

* On defense you will attack Left, Right or Balanced. Blitz and utilize several formations!

* 1 player option!



The quickest way to clean any stove top or kitchen counter!



Plazma audio tweeters.  Currently sold out.



If you have an analog thermostat like in the picture, turn it into a Digital Quality thermostat in seconds with no wires to mess with!